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©2018 by Sonoterapia.com

Your happiness is our joy!

Welcome friends, students, clients & everybody.


You want to learn more about   

"soundtherapy" or "sonoterapia"  in Spanish? 

Go first to

  1. What is Soundtherapy? then

  2. Treatments then

  3. Videos "soon with English subtitles". then

  4. Courses

You want to enjoy & or organise a concert? Go to Concerts!

You want to buy Soundtherapy tools? Go to our Shop. What we sell we use in our Soundhealing therapy sessions and courses. We offer only the best quality tools. In tuningforks normally we have everything in Stock!

But in quartz & tibetan bowls, quartz sound pyramids, and quartz tuningforks please ask, as we might need up to 2 month's!

For big orders (+€1500) we give free courses included in your preferred language Spanish, English, Dutch or German) 


Our main goal is to offer the best quality, honest and transparent service  in Soundtherapy, Courses, Soundtherapy tools and Concerts for a reasonable price.


We love your critical suggestions and try to learn from them. Honesty, transparency are our trademarks!


To keep it simple, sonoterapia.com will be only in English. But we are happy to comunicate in Spanish, Dutch, English, German and soon in Hebrew.

Two years ago we moved from Spain to Israel.

Don't worry,  delivery will be often faster then before.

Enjoy, take your time.

With love,

Chana Claudia Murcia & Shlomo Jurgen van Win


here we announce our news.