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ADHD Track 2

ADHD Track 2


Without Hyperactivity or Stress

"Sound therapy for Hyperactivity, Attention Deficit & Stress"


In balance and harmony with sound therapy. We present this CD & booklet with visualization & breathing exercises. We can send you an Dutch, Spanish or English version. Recorded in Holland by Europe Disky label. Instruments: Quartz Crystal Bowls, including the world's largest , Gong , Violoncello , therapeutic tuning forks , Tibetan bowls , Ocean Drum, Rainsticks.

This C.D. is the culmination and result of research in the Netherlands and Belgium on sound therapy with these fantastic instruments. Great sounds, perfectly paired to aid in states of nervousness , hyper activity disorder ( ADHD) and child and adult stress . Ideal to use with therapies and for all ages from 0-100 years. It is a fundamental tool for the first time combining sound - shape - color, resulting in a perfect harmony and balance of your inner and outer child , through cello harmonics played masterfully by a virtuous, pure sounds of the quartz bowls and tuning forks.
You can prelisten a small part

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