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A complete course in Soundtherapy

You can be a soundhealer completing the professional course

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  • 5,500 euros
  • Rothschild Street 84, Kefar Sava,

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Service Description

The formation in sound therapy will be given in 5 weeks during the summer in Israel with a minimum of 8 students. To obtain a Sound Therapy diploma, you must actively participate in all modules, do practical work and deliver an end of course video, or research project on any of the course topics. Module 1: Introduction to sound therapy: history, theory, scientific research and meeting with our inner silence. Module 2: How to modify brain waves with sound therapy and breathing. Module 3: The triangle of manifestation / integrating healing sound, color and shape. (Tuning forks, quartz bowls and voice). Module 4: © ®: diagnostic techniques specially developed to carry sound therapy to a new level of perfection by Claudia Murcia, based on holistic kinesiology Raphael Van Assche. Module 5: The voice as a therapeutic tool. Practice with vowels, overtones and mantras. How our body-mind is tuned? Module 6: Tuning Forks: history, theory and practice in sound therapy. Various protocols, developing a sound therapy session. Theory and practice with reflex points, meridians, chakras using tuning forks "Otto", "Om", "Angels", "Chakras" and "Bodies tuner". Module 7: Theory and practical ejecicios intervals, scales, tuning forks using gematria: solfeggio Tuning forks and fibonacci, and omega 432hz "Espectrum Solar", "Minerals", "Water", "Kabbalah", "Planets" and "DNA." Module 8: Quartz Singing Bowls and Quartz Tuning Forks. History, theory and practice. Module 9: Other techniques and therapeutic sonic tools. Preparation and use of elixirs with quartz bowls and tuning forks. Final evaluation and a presentation of free choice. The course is open for physicians, psychologists, therapists, teachers, musicians, artists, teachers, special education teachers, nurses, yoga teachers and anyone interested in music therapy and sound therapy. The diploma will be given to all those students who finish the 168 hours course, finishing the 9 modules and have developed and submitted a free choice study on soundtherapy. Price: Full course 168 hours: € 2500

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  • Rothschild Street 84, Kefar Sava, Israel


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